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Calendars Calendars are paper, right?
You know what would be awesome?
ART prints, brad gave me an, indiana print (where we both grew up and currently live) Id been coveting for my 1st anniversary gift.
When youre ordering tickets, just make sure to order the paper version of tickets its not really a discount wrought iron beds paper gift if you get the paperless tickets. And theres tons of manly stationery out there for guys.Parents can pick a traditional stationery, possibly one that matches the colors of the wedding and emboss it with the couples new name.If you want to have at least one surprise, give him/her another paper gift mentioned in this post. Keep in mind, these are also great gift ideas for any occasion.

Giving your husband/wife a calendar with date(s) circled and then handing him/her tickets.
But, as usual, Im only going to cover image expo coupon code the traditional gifts.
The traditional one-year anniversary gift is paper.
Pansies, parents can buy pansies for the new couple.
Pansies come in a number of bright colors, including but not limited to reds, whites and purples. Theres tons of pretty stationery out there for the ladies.If you and your spouse are the creative type who like to get artistic, consider gifting a beginner calligraphy kit. The traditional gift theme for the first wedding anniversary is paper. There are tons of online photo book publishers out there where you upload all the photos youd like to use and select the theme and layout of the book.Photo books, surprise your lover with a custom photo book.Clock, purchase an artisan, heirloom clock for the couple.

This gift includes everything you need, including a beautiful Moleskine sketchbook filled with an abundance of paper for practicing.
 From wall calendars to custom desktop Instagram photo calendars, you cant go wrong.
 Clocks are kind of self-explanatory anyway.